All our safes come with a Strong Seamless Body, Super Tough Door, Un-pickable locks, Various locking systems, Unyielding protective shielding, Bolt work Mechanism, Balanced pressure Bolt-work
,Automatic Relocking Device, Attractive finish and Rust Protection along with various other Special Features.

Strong Room Door With Grill Gate

Netaji branded Strong Room Doors with grill gate offers complete protection for various establishments like banking sector, co-operative sector, corporate houses, diamond and jewellery showrooms, cash flowing sales outlets and all the places susceptible to theft, fire and burglary attacks. The strong room doors along with the grill are made of superior quality material along with special attention to all the security measures.

Jewellery Safe

Netaji Safe Offers wide range of a Jewellery safe there are special built to order sets in varying Storage Capacities. The strong seamless body tough door, triple locking system [Key, Push Button, Automatic Locking.] Balanced pressure bolt work, Attractive Finished and Rug-head body are the primary features.

Counter Safe

This is a special product manufactured by us specially for the Jewelers. The main purpose of this type of safe is that it fits in the counter, providing ease of use as well as utilization of space. Counter safe come is various variants which include One door, Two door, Three door, Four Door, along with various compartments and shelves. The design is fully customised as per individual requirements. .

Safe Deposite Vaults

Netaji Safe Deposit Locker Cabinets are designed for meeting exact security requirements, while making the most efficient use of vault space providing lockers featuring a most attractive design. The lockers are manufactured as per international standards with fortified frame work, as they are fabricated from best quality tested steel plates. Joints are welded by skilled and qualified welders by using approved quality welding consumables.

Night Guard

Night Guard Special Locker for collection centre Netaji safe company specialise in our prime product called Night Guard which caters to different important collection facility centres such as petrol pumps, restaurants, bar, toll-booths etc. This product is specially designed considering specific purpose and risk factor. The most prominent factor of this product is the specially constructed door, which has an overall strong thickness. It is made using special hard barrier material and tough steel plates re-enforced with drill and sledge hammer resistant special steel.