Night Guard Special Locker for collection centre. Our prime product called Night Guard caters to different important collection facility centres such as petrol pumps, restaurants, bar, toll-booths etc. This product is specially designed considering specific purpose and risk factor. The prominent features of this product is that the money is kept in the drawer which is the upper position of the safe and when the drawer is closed the money is transferred into the lower part which is a secure safe having thickness and protection of Fire Proof Safe and this can only be taken out by the owner.

Body Work :

Constructed from tough steel plates fabricated using the most modern steel bending techniques, the entire body of the safe is strengthened uniformly. Electrical welding of the back lined on the inside with a highly re-enforced heavier steel plate which is anchored to the body giving it an strong thickness overall. The outer layer of body is tough tested quality 5mm M.S. Plate with fully welded multi corner bend constructed without a single rivet on all side and armored with a Double duty barrier material providing massive resistance strength of 90 mm thick layer on each side of safe which defends the attack of sledge hammer, power drills, oxy-acetylene flame and arc cutting steel.


Door Construction :
The outer layer of the door slab is tough tested Special Type of Design for collection centres quality M.S. Plate of 12 mm to 32 mm thickness. It is further fortified by a composite 105mm thick layer of double duty barrier material and layers of flame and arc resistant alloy and hardened steel plates, which provide dependable protection against fire and attacks of power drill, oxy-acetylene flame and arc cutting. The total thickness of protective layer is strong over vital parts of safe. the doors also have central 3mm aluminium plate for additional security.


Frame Work :
The formed inner lining provides the backing to the four multiple bend front edged body frame.

Locking Device :
A smooth operating double eccentric levers activated the bolt throwing mechanism. A customised design unpickable 10 lever dual control lock is used to control it. Separate stainless steel keys with individual nomenclature are provided in duplicate for these locks making it possible for 2 persons to remain in joint charge of the safe. The dual control lock also provides protection in the event of the loss of any one key by employing the other as a check on the first one if the safe is in charge of a single individual.


Technical Details :

Models PPS 36 PPS 42
Outside : Height (H) 36 " 42 "
Outside : Width (W) 24 " 27 "
Outside Depth (D 23 " 24 "
Inside : Height (H) 23 " 29 "
Inside : Width (W) 17 " 20 "
Inside : Depth (D) 14 " 15 "
Drawer : Height (H) 6 " 6 "
Drawer : Width (W) 12 " 14 "
Drawer : Depth (D) 17 " 17 "
Weight – kgs 575 710

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