DAAN PETTI ( Donation Box )

Donation Box is a specially crafted product of Netaji. This safe is used in temples where people donate small amount of cash. This cash (mostly coins or small notes) is dropped in the collection box. The construction of the box is such that after inserting cash, it goes to the safe and can only be removed by opening the safe. The special construction makes it impossible to take out the cash return from where it is put in.

This product comes in various shapes and sizes and is usually produced as per requirements. Also some additional features like twin safe and a net filter for things other than coins (e.g. Rice Grains etc) which people put in the donation box or vertical straps for security etc are also added.

Further the safes come with built in digital or key locks and also provide for vertical strap to fix extra Pad locks as well. We can add more features to this product as per requirements.

A huge drawer is provided inside the safe under the top slot, where money is stored and can be easily taken out.