This is a special product manufactured by us specially for the Jewellers. The main purpose of this type of safe is that it fits in the counter, providing ease of use as well as utilization of space. Counter safe come is various variants which include Single door, Two doors, Three doors & Four doors, along with various compartments and shelves. The safe comes in various dimensions starting from 24″ in height, 48″ to 72″ in width and 18″ to 24″ in depth. The body thickness of minimum 2mm and the door plate of minimum 3mm makes it strong and sturdy. We can also use Fire Proof material to make it more reliable and safe. More safety features can be added like use of LG digital locks instead of Key Locks.


This range is especially useful for Jewellery Showrooms where the products are on display at the counter. At closing time the products can be kept conveniently in the safe just below the Counter itself. Thus the space below the counter is utilized fully. The design is fully customised as per individual requirements.